the thirteenth

As a mom to three little ones (blessing/curse) I have realized that the hardest part is not the parenting, it is the trying to still be a human. A human with good days, bad days, a horrible attitude and on some days a complete lack of focus. A human who get excited and gitty.

A human who laughs at inappropriate times and smiles at cute boys (men). A human who still gets their feelings hurt but is often forced to suck it up and take one for the team. A human who on the hardest of hard days has to get up in the morning and put on a good front for the sake of my beautiful children. All the while battling my own issues and demons. My own accomplishments and defeats. Realization of my own goals and wants. Acceptance of what is and what will never be.

And it is for these reasons that I appreciate my parents (and those who guided me) more and more each day. Thank you for being human and thank you for the ability to eventually see this fact. Although, it is probably a little overdue.


Dani jane said...

oh the joys of parenting. The actual truth of the matter is....for the first 4-6 years, you are on the back burner. God forbid you have a sick child....add 3+years. The payback is beyond plentiful and in the end...what you considered "necessary" actually turns out to be "ancillary". Being human is a given...it's the translation of what that is, that teaches our babies how to BE. From my vantage point you are SUPER HUMAN!

Petersen said...

No, my friend, you are not human. You may feel human, but you are one with the gods. And, your children know this much better than you.

Chris H said...

It's a job that has no end, other than the final one we will all see. It's important to make it all count. The good times and bad times, they are part of who we are, and what we pass on. Unconditional love is our reward. It doesn't get any better than that!