the twenty-eighth

My name is mommy and I am a liar and she is on to me.

This morning she asks "Mommy is that your medicine?" pointing to my morning ritual of drinking a liquid shake and fibbing because I don't really want to share.

"Yes, that is my medicine."

"Oh," she replies "you sure like your medicine."

She skipped away, and then came back about seven seconds later. "Papa likes his medicine too."

"Which medicine does Papa like?" I replied.

"I show you." She went to the pantry, opened the door and pointed. "Papa likes those medicines."

She had pointed to the Red Vine licorice.

Clearly he is a liar too.
Our names are mommy and papa and we are liars.


dani jane said...

from the mouths of babes....

Joann Mannix said...

I used to have the same kind of medicine! But, mine came in a bag with the name Pepperidge Farm on it. It wasn't until my kids could read that they understood the depravity of my evil lying ways.

Andrea C Lagourgue said...

And the saving grace is that they too will do it to their children...which makes each lie, okay....or something like that

Sadie Gray said...

LMAO!! I have no words....just shaking my head and literally laughing out loud. You're hilarious! Thank you for putting such "normal" things into such way that make them laughing matters.