It happened

I knew it would happen eventually but I figured I'd be older....like 40...40ish.
In fact, I did not even know that it happened. The actual "happening" occurred sometime ago and I just realized it.

It was a Thursday morning. I know that because I remember being exhausted which contributed to my self loathing. The gal sitting next to me was probably 30ish....my age. We were sitting next to each other and she bent over in her chair to grab something from her purse. The way she jolted when she dove down caused me to glance over. There it was in plain sight. Her Victoria's Secret thong underwear. I know that because I have the same pair. At the moment I saw the top of her thong peaking out the top of her pants it hit me. I no longer wore thongs. I no longer wore cute underwear. I wore.....drum roll...comfortable underwear! Shit. Seriously? When did this happen? Comfortable underwear?

I started to sweat realizing that I couldn't remember the last time I wore sexy underwear...actually the last time I really felt sexy. Her we go....so what's next? Only practical shoes? Short hair because it's easier? Mom Jeans? I know that I am still young and I look young and I definetly still act young. But seriously? I have always preached that I was not going to let "that" happen. Now, don't get me wrong I did not go from thong to granny panties that could be used as a schrug. But am I on that path? Is this how it goes? Is this the progression of underwear?

I decided to run home (cause I guess I had nothing else to do) and fix this situation. I quickly changed from my black panties to a thong. Did I immediately feel my youth was back? Hell no. Did I feel sexier....uh, let's not go there. I threw my pants back on and walked back out the door with my head held high. I slid into the driver's seat and woop....the thong was certainly back (for those of you who have or do wear thongs you know what I mean). Okay......Quick adjustment and I drove away.

The day transpired as usual. While putting her to bed, I bent down to pick up something and she was behind me. My baggy sweats (sexy) had slipped down so the inevitable thong peek was in full effect. She said to me "Mommy what happen to your panties? Are they broken?"
Of course I laughed. How could  I not?
"No, they are not broken. But thank you for noticing."
"Your welcome." She replied and jumped into bed.

The thongs are out of retirement. The panties are in the bull pen and it's only a matter of time before they will be back in the game.


dani jane said...

I have been questioned many times, by my girls, about the "thongs". Lea imitates me periodically by shoving her own panties in her crack. Both girls want to know when they can wear them???? Grace has made a habit out of announcing and "correcting" her "wedgie". And Boyd thinks my classic bikini undies kick my thong undies "ass" in the sexy departmeent!

Joann Mannix said...

Don't ever give up the thong. My girls are teenagers and I'm still there. It is all a good fight, but you've got to keep your hands raised, fists clenched. I will never succumb to mom jeans or sensible shoes, ever, ever, ever. Because my high heels and my thongs and my cool but tasteful jeans keep me feeling young. And after all, it is all in the attitude.

Andrea C Lagourgue said...

This morning she saw me in my thong and told me my butt was eating my panties....the same thing I tell her when her panties, bathing suit or leotard ride up....Just glad she didn't say that my butt looks like cottage cheese. She'll probably say that tomorrow!