Rainy day thoughts.....

Today I stood in the door way looking out into the rain soaked vehicle in my driveway. In the vehicle blurry silhouettes bounced while their muffled noises of glee (or antagonism) radiated in the enclosed space.

I stood with 13 bags (a minor exaggeration), coffee, protein shake, dog leash and keys deciding what to do. Should I enter what looks to be the Thunder Dome or drop my bags, close the door and let them "hang out" whilst I warmed up another cup of coffee and read? I quickly reminded myself that I can't do that. Work is calling. School is in session.

I continued to stand and watch. I watched in horror and happiness. Horror that I would have to endure the noise. Happiness that my kids are healthy and happy. Happiness that I have an amazing job, a door way to stand in. Horror that I was going to have to go out in the rain and mess my less than perfect hair. Thankfully I didn't have to wash it today and the rain will help to blend the dry shampoo that created a haze of grey, aging me just a few more years....because that's just what I needed.

It's the little things....

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