the twenty-first

We have a regular sized bathtub which fits three kids. Sorta. They fit enough that they can all have a place to put their bottoms while we wash off the biggest pieces of dirt. The universe made dirt and dirt don't hurt, right?
They bathe together often. Actually it is one of my favorite and least favorite times of the day. Least favorite because it is usually right before bed - yuck....sometimes not enough wine in the world to make it through. And favorite time of the day because they all love to take baths. They run for the tub and smile ear to ear from beginning to end.

They all have their spots in the bath. She is at the helm right in front of the faucet. Making sure the drain plug does not get tampered with. Not on her watch. Already has a few control issues....I wonder who that came from? Couldn't be me...
The boys are positioned towards the back of the tub in what ever manner they choose (see I can let go. a little.)

The other night B was in the middle and A was sitting towards the back. B was facing his sister, so A was facing B's back...okay confusing, but it will make sense. Anyhow, A was in his own little world splashing and kicking and splashing and shrieking and kicking while B was playing with her...how ever 11 months old play with an almost three year old...but you know what I mean. A was having a blast and eventually had kicked himself closer and closer to his brother. So much so, that each kick landed on the butt of B. I figured B was an ordinary oblivious 11 month old and he wouldn't mind....well, what the ____ do I know. After about two minutes of kicking, B turned around, and with a rubber duck knocked his brother over the head. There was a half a second where there was complete silence and then A went back to kicking the living crap out of B's butt. I was laughing and attempted to scoot A back away from his brother, but A kept scooting into firing range. And in my mind, I was running through some likely future scenarios that might, just might have a similar theme. Only they won't be smiling and I won't be laughing.


jackcory said...

Sounds like a scene of mom and cubs made for Big Cats Diary on Animal Planet.

dani jane said...

Oh get ready..."A" will ratchet up the intensity just in time for "B" to go ballistic...then "A" will cry and "B" will laugh and you will have to jump in between and get your a#* slapped and kicked and then EVERYONE will cry....mostly YOU! I am just guessing of course!