the twenty-third

Tomorrow they will be one. Tomorrow marks the day our family size grew by two more bodies within minutes. Tomorrow will be the day that we, as a family, will look back and celebrate how far we have come.

While getting to this point wasn't easy. There were times when I cried, when I screamed and when I laughed because there just was nothing else to do. If someone asked me if I would do it again, I would easily reply "Of Course."
The rewards are greater than the challenges.

I am so very thankful and forever indebted to those that supported us. Whether with hands-on help or just words of encouragement. I could not have made it with out you. And I am so, so, so very thankful to my wonderful husband. We have walked the first leg of this life long journey together, hand in hand. Stronger today then we were at the beginning. I am one lucky gal.

Happy Birthday my little boys. Thank you for all that you have given us this year. Cheers to many, many more!

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Anonymous said...

I will never forget the day you walked into my house and told me there are two babies. Looking quite shocked I might add. My reply was "You are going to love it!" And look at you. You have made it through the hardest part. Actually I could be wrong really the hardest part is when they grow up and move away. And I would like to thank you for helping me through that part of my life. Your children are wonderful I LOVE them all! I never know what Demi is going to say and am so looking forward to the day the boys comments make me laugh as hard as she does. Your childrens smiles make my day! Thank you for sharing them with me!